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Helping families grow together

Building your family, securing your future, working together 

Are you wanting to grow your family but having a hard time finding resources and care for families like yours (queer, trans, polyamorous, fat, disabled, and more)? Maybe you've already started trying, but are hitting roadblocks or feeling stuck on how to move forward? Or perhaps you're already parenting and know that you need to complete a confirmatory adoption to protect the rights of all parents in your family, but mapping out next steps feels intimidating and overwhelming? 

If you’ve tried to start from scratch, you may have spent some hours frantically googling. Maybe you’ve asked for guidance from your usual sources, like your doctor, your therapist and even social media, but they shrugged too. Perhaps you’ve tried even tried reading a bunch of books, but aren’t seeing families like yours, and you still don’t have the answers you need. And while putting it off might be tempting, it won’t help you get where you want to be.

It shouldn’t be this hard, but you don't have to do it alone! Sometimes you want someone to not just listen, but to hold your hand through the tough parts and help you make a plan and take action. When we are under stress, it’s easy to feel frozen or stuck; my goal is to help you get unstuck so you can reach your goals. You bring the questions, the hopes, the fears, and the willingness to work together. I bring the options, the research, the resources, and the encouragement and compassion.  

I’m a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, providing family building support, social work reports for confirmatory adoptions, and supervision and training for professionals wanting to better serve diverse families. In addition to my professional passion for making systems suck less, I am personally passionate about helping folks in my own communities build and protect their families. I love working with people who want practical actionable support, people who like a progressive social justice framed lens, and folks who enjoy a mix of compassion and humor. 

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